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Our Services

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Live Events

CE8 produce videos that can be live streamed or pre-recorded. Providing a complete multi-camera HD video production to stream to YouTube, Facebook Live and other social media platforms incorporating broadcast graphics and high-quality audio.


Stream live or record just about any content with fully integrated broadcast graphics that promote your brand and can incorporate advertiser and sponsor logos. Your content will be of the highest quality when delivered to your audience.


Broadcast Graphics

Whether it be a bespoke design or an existing look for you to take your production to the next level, CE8 offers both. With 16 years operating in the broadcast industry, specifically in television graphics, CE8 are well placed to ensure the visuals are spectacular. 

Live Sports

Live stream or record your match with a multi-camera setup so you can have different camera angles, instant replays and a video referee system. Full commentary audio and broadcast quality graphics. Have your audience interact during the game through social media. Post-match highlight packages can be cut and edited for use on club websites or any social media platform. 

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